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Home Helpers of Laguna Hills in Action!

Home Helpers of Laguna Hills Launches New Training Program

The Home Helpers of Laguna Hills team is proud to have launched a new customized training program for all caregivers and staff to take part in! This program will provide caregivers with expertise in various health related areas such as memory care, learning to communicate, managing behavior challenges, and consideration for food and liquids.

This training platform will be a caregiver’s greatest tool to take the best possible care of people. Our team assures those we take care of are entrusted with extremely qualified caregivers, who have the proper knowledge and training they need to make a difference in people’s lives, which is the Home Helpers of Laguna Hills’ motivation behind this training program.

We look forward to further educating our team, and also learning from our team members’ experiences to help us continue growing and build a brighter future!

Home Helpers home care agencies across the nation are actively reaching out in the communities we serve to help improve people’s lives any way we can. Check out how we’re making a difference today!

Recent News

Chuck's Inspirational Story

Home Helpers of Laguna Hills recently welcomed Chuck and Dottie Lawson to our family of care. Chuck happily shared his sensational experience of winning two silver medals in the Laguna Woods Village Games of 2014. Cheryl Blanton, Chuck’s caregiver also attended the event with Chuck and Dottie to provide the couple with support and encouragement.

The Village Games of 2014 consisted of over two dozen events, with badminton, archery, swimming, and bowling being a few of the many that took place. Chuck participated in 50 yard and 100 yard breaststroke races, along with a four person relay race. At the completion of the races, an announcement was made that Chuck had won two silver medals in the competition, which came as a pleasant surprise to him.

Participating in the Village Games of 2014 gave Chuck an opportunity to get back to swimming, which is something he loves. “It was a very fun and relaxing afternoon. The event was well organized and everyone had a fun time,” Chuck said. Chuck’s infectious spirit has inspired us all here at Home Helpers. As a team, we continue to encourage everyone we care for to take part in local activities that bring enjoyment to their lives. We look forward to sharing more stories from the people whose lives we make a difference in, as well as from our kind caregivers.